Sunday School Lesson Schedule

Grade 12



Church Event

September 2nd Week

Martyrdom and Self-Denial

Coptic New Year

September 3rd Week

Christian Youth and Family Life


September 4th Week

Youth and Identifying a Goal

Feast of the Cross

October 1st Week

Tabernacle of Meeting and Its Spiritual Symbols (Part I)


October 2nd Week

Tabernacle of Meeting and Its Spiritual Symbols (Part II)


October 3rd Week

How to Treat Others


October 4th Week

A Conference - “Christianity & Violence”


November 1st Week



November 2nd Week

Orthodox Church History


November 3rd Week

Man from a Christian Perspective


November 4th Week

Cults - Jehovah’s Witnesses

Nativity Fast

December 1st Week

Cults - Mormons


December 2nd Week

The Christian and the Life of Chastity

Virgin’s Temple Entry

December 3rd Week

How to Start a Spiritual Life with God


December 4th Week

The Song of Songs


January 1st Week

Jesus Christ is the Fulfillment of the Prophecies

Nativity Feast

January 2nd Week

The Epistle of Philemon

Circumcision Feast

January 3rd Week

Love and Maturity

Epiphany Feast

January 4th Week

The Life of Praise

Miracle in Cana

Week before Jonah's Fast

The Christian and Psychological Health

Jonah's Fast

Week after Jonah's Fast

Ecumenical Councils

Great Lent Week 0

The Book of Ecclesiastes - World Vanity

Pre-Lent Sunday

Great Lent Week 1


Sunday of the Kingdom of God

Great Lent Week 2

Overview of the Pauline Epistles (Part I)

Temptation Sunday

Great Lent Week 3

Overview of the Pauline Epistles (Part II)

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

Great Lent Week 4

My Need for Jesus Christ

Samaritan Sunday

Great Lent Week 5

The Redeeming Suffering of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Sunday of the Paralytic

Great Lent Week 6

The Trip of the Holy week

Baptismal Sunday

Palm Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday

Pentecost Week 1

The Resurrection and the Divinity of Christ

Thomas Sunday

Pentecost Week 2

The Epistle of St. John (Part I)


Pentecost Week 3

The Epistle of St. John (Part II)


Pentecost Week 4

Judge Not Others


Pentecost Week 5

The Feasts of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Ascension Feast

Pentecost Week 6

The Book of Acts


Pentecost Week 7

Pentecost in Our Lives as Young Adults

Pentecost Feast

July 2nd Week

Building the Heavenly Kingdom


July 3rd Week

Faith and Patience

Apostles' Feast

July 4th Week

Mixing with the Opposite Sex


August 1st Week

The Epistle to the Colossians (Part I)

St. Mary's Fast

August 2nd Week

The Epistle to the Colossians (Part II)


August 3rd Week

The Virgin Mary in the Coptic Church

Transfiguration Feast

August 4th Week

The Spiritual Value of Using the Agpeya

Assumption Feast

September 1st Week

The Attributes of God


Filler Lesson 1

The Book of Numbers


Filler Lesson 2

Comparative Theology - Catholic vs. Orthodox


Filler Lesson 3

Winning Others to Christ


Filler Lesson 4

Christianity and the Media


Filler Lesson 5

Fellowship Among Believers


Filler Lesson 6

The Sacrament of Chrismation (Myron)


Filler Lesson 7

Commitment in Spiritual Life



·         Original Curriculum for Grade 12

·         Memorization Assignments for Grade 12:

1.      Gospel of the 9th  Hour

2.      Litanies of the 9th Hour

3.      Psalm 6

4.      Psalm 145


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