Sunday School Lesson Schedule

Grade 6



Church Event

September 2nd Week

Kuzman and Dimyan

Coptic New Year

September 3rd Week

An Angel delivers Jerusalem from Sennacherib


September 4th Week

Building the Temple

Feast of the Cross

October 1st Week

The Lord Appears in the Temple


October 2nd Week

King Josiah and the Repair of the Temple


October 3rd Week

Elijah Restoring the Widowís Son to Life


October 4th Week

Nehemiah & Rebuilding Jerusalemís Walls


November 1st Week

Ezra The Priest


November 2nd Week

Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus


November 3rd Week

Jesus Heals a Paralytic


November 4th Week

The Great Flood - the Ark of Noah

Nativity Fast

December 1st Week

St. John Chrysostom


December 2nd Week

Jacob And Esau - Begging for Blessing

Virginís Temple Entry

December 3rd Week

Jacob Works with Uncle Laban


December 4th Week

Jacob Loses His Son Joseph


January 1st Week

Why Christ is Incarnated

Nativity Feast

January 2nd Week

Simon the Elder and Prophetess Anna

Circumcision Feast

January 3rd Week

Epiphany - Baptism

Epiphany Feast

January 4th Week

The Wedding at Cana in Galilee

Miracle in Cana

Week before Jonah's Fast

Maximus and Domatius

Jonah's Fast

Week after Jonah's Fast

Gideon (Part I)


Great Lent Week 0

Gideon (Part II)

Pre-Lent Sunday

Great Lent Week 1

Fasting - Esther

Sunday of the Kingdom of God

Great Lent Week 2

Offering of Isaac

Temptation Sunday

Great Lent Week 3


Sunday of the Prodigal Son

Great Lent Week 4

Talents - Rewarding the Hardworking Man

Samaritan Sunday

Great Lent Week 5

Christ Washes His Disciplesí Feet

Sunday of the Paralytic

Great Lent Week 6

Holy Week

Baptismal Sunday

Palm Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday

Pentecost Week 1

The Lord Appeared while Catching Fish

Thomas Sunday

Pentecost Week 2

St. George the Martyr


Pentecost Week 3

St. Markís Feast


Pentecost Week 4

TV and the Internet


Pentecost Week 5

The Angel Saves Lot from Sodom

Ascension Feast

Pentecost Week 6

Treating Others Well - Abigail and David


Pentecost Week 7

The Child Jesus Enters the Temple

Pentecost Feast

July 2nd Week

Revelation of John & Heavenly Jerusalem


July 3rd Week

St. Stephen

Apostles' Feast

July 4th Week

Anba Bishoy


August 1st Week

Anba Arsanius and the Beans

St. Mary's Fast

August 2nd Week

How to Develop Spiritual Habits


August 3rd Week

The Miracle of the Church in Atreeb

Transfiguration Feast

August 4th Week

St. Dimyana the Martyr

Assumption Feast

September 1st Week

Athanasius and the World Against Him


Filler Lesson 1

Repentance - Moses the Black


Filler Lesson 2

Endurance and Patience - Job


Filler Lesson 3

Serving Others - The Good Samaritan  


Filler Lesson 4

Saint Marina


Filler Lesson 5

Receiving Holy Communion


Filler Lesson 6

The Book of Tobias


Filler Lesson 7

Joseph in Egypt



         Original Curriculum for Grade 6

         Memorization Assignments for Grade 6:

1.      The Beatitudes

2.      Prayers before and after Communion


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