Sunday School Lesson Schedule

Grade 8



Church Event

September 2nd Week

Types of Martyrs

Coptic New Year

September 3rd Week

Saint Basil the Great


September 4th Week

The Carrier of Icons (Iconostasis)

Feast of the Cross

October 1st Week

The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (Part I)


October 2nd Week

The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist (Part II)


October 3rd Week

Peer Pressure


October 4th Week

Godís Appearances in the Old Testament


November 1st Week

Tapers and Incense in the Church


November 2nd Week

The Coptic Icon


November 3rd Week

Life of Circumspection


November 4th Week

The Great Teachers of the Church

Nativity Fast

December 1st Week

Orthodox Creed Explanation (Part I)


December 2nd Week

Orthodox Creed Explanation (Part II)

Virginís Temple Entry

December 3rd Week

Orthodox Creed Explanation (Part III)


December 4th Week

The Sins of the Tongue


January 1st Week

Nativity and Our Spiritual Life

Nativity Feast

January 2nd Week

The Coptic Feasts

Circumcision Feast

January 3rd Week

Do Not Worship Men

Epiphany Feast

January 4th Week

The Monk as a Messenger

Miracle in Cana

Week before Jonah's Fast

Saul, the Powerful King

Jonah's Fast

Week after Jonah's Fast

David the Prophet and the King


Great Lent Week 0

The Poor

Pre-Lent Sunday

Great Lent Week 1

The Prayer Room

Sunday of the Kingdom of God

Great Lent Week 2

Contention and the Three Challenges

Temptation Sunday

Great Lent Week 3

Jehovahís Witnesses

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

Great Lent Week 4

The Mormons

Samaritan Sunday

Great Lent Week 5

The Sabbath of Lazarus

Sunday of the Paralytic

Great Lent Week 6

Passion Week

Baptismal Sunday

Palm Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday

Easter Sunday

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday

Pentecost Week 1

Christ Appears after the Resurrection

Thomas Sunday

Pentecost Week 2

The Preaching of St. Mark


Pentecost Week 3

Christ Imparts Faith to the Disciples of Emmaus


Pentecost Week 4

St. John the Beloved


Pentecost Week 5

The Book of Revelation (Part I)

Ascension Feast

Pentecost Week 6

The Book of Revelation (Part II)


Pentecost Week 7

The Holy Spirit is at Work with Us

Pentecost Feast

July 2nd Week

Many Gifts and One Aim


July 3rd Week

Nehemiah the Zealot (Part I)

Apostles' Feast

July 4th Week

Nehemiah The Zealot (Part II)


August 1st Week

The Book of Ruth

St. Mary's Fast

August 2nd Week



August 3rd Week

Symbols of the Virgin in the Old Testament

Transfiguration Feast

August 4th Week

The Book of Joshua the Son of Sirach

Assumption Feast

September 1st Week

Fathers of the Church


Filler Lesson 1

Social Injustice


Filler Lesson 2

Bribery and Corruption


Filler Lesson 3

Love is the Greatest Gift


Filler Lesson 4

The Exile and the Book of Ezra


Filler Lesson 5

Division in the Church of Corinth


Filler Lesson 6

The Book of Joshua


Filler Lesson 7

Peace in Christianity



         Original Curriculum for Grade 8

         Memorization Assignments for Grade 8:

1.      Psalm 83

2.      Holy, Holy, Holy, O Lord

3.      Conclusion of Every Agpeya Hour


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