Sunday School Lesson Schedule

Grade 1

1736 AM



Church Event

September 2nd Week

The Nayrouz - Martyrs in Heaven

Coptic New Year: Sep. 12

September 3rd Week

God Created the World


September 4th Week

Adam in Paradise

Feast of the Cross: Sep 28-30

October 1st Week

The Creation of Eve


October 2nd Week

The Serpent’s Trick


October 3rd Week

Noah in the Ark (Part I)


October 4th Week

Noah in the Ark (Part II)


November 1st Week

How to Pray


November 2nd Week

Jesus Christ Walks on Water


November 3rd Week

The Miracle of Catching Huge Amounts of Fish


November 4th Week

Healing the Sick Man of Bethesda

Nativity Fast: Nov 26

Filler Lesson

Friends of Jesus Christ


December 1st Week

Samson and the Lion


December 2nd Week

Samson Losing Power

Virgin’s Temple Entry: Dec 13

December 3rd Week

Obedience - St. John the Short


December 4th Week

The Angel Brings Good News to St. Mary


January 1st Week

The Angel and the Shepherds

Nativity Feast: Jan 7&8

January 2nd Week

St. Joseph the Carpenter

Circumcision Feast: Jan 15

January 3rd Week

The Angel Guides Tobias

Epiphany Feast: Jan 20

January 4th Week

Elisha Protected by the Angels

Miracle in Cana: Jan 22

February 1st Week

The Precious Pearl

Theotokos’ Dormition: Jan 30

February 2nd Week

Jonah in the Belly of the Fish

Jonah's Fast: Feb 10-12

February 3rd Week

Jonah and the Plant

Meeting of our Lord: Feb 16

February 4th Week

The Child Samuel

Pre-Lent Sunday

Filler Lesson

The Sign of the Cross

Sunday of the Kingdom of God

March 1st Week

The Child David the Shepherd

Temptation Sunday

March 2nd Week

David Anointed King

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

March 3rd Week

The Lost Sheep

Samaritan Sunday

March 4th Week

Healing the Blind

Sunday of the Paralytic

April 1st Week

Children Receive Christ

Baptismal Sunday

April 2nd Week

No Lesson Scheduled

Palm Sunday: April 12

April 3rd Week

No Lesson Scheduled

Easter Sunday: April 19

April 4th Week

The Angel Rolls the Stone

Thomas Sunday: April 26

May 1st Week

St. Mark in Egypt


May 2nd Week

Water from the Rock


May 3rd Week

Crossing the Jordan


May 4th Week

The Parable of the Talents

Ascension Feast: May 28

Filler Lesson

The Parable of the Leaven


June 1st Week

Four Men Carry the Paralytic

Pentecost Feast: June 7

June 2nd Week

The Five Loaves and the Two Fish

Apostles' Fast: June 8-July 11

June 3rd Week

Ibrahim El Gohary


June 4th Week

House Built on the Rock


July 1st Week

David and His Friend Jonathan


July 2nd Week

Esther Becomes a Queen (Part I)


July 3rd Week

The Courage of Queen Esther (Part II)

Apostles' Feast: July 12

July 4th Week

St. Abanoub


August 1st Week

Kind Ruth

St. Mary's Fast: Aug 7-21

August 2nd Week

Balaam and His Donkey


August 3rd Week

The Baby St. Mary

Transfiguration Feast: Aug 19

August 4th Week

Love for the Church

Assumption Feast: Aug 22

Filler Lesson

St. Peter Raised Tabitha


September 1st Week

The Angel Sets St. Peter Free



Memorization Assignments for Grade 1:

1.      The Trisagion

2.      The Ten Commandments


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